Impact Analysis of S& T in Industry 4.0

Objective of the study:

Productivity improvement & customer satisfaction

Job opportunities in automated industries

Business perspective, innovation & risk Management

Implementation plan for cognitive analytics in automated industry

Mitigation approach

India’s position in Space Research Output vis-à-vis U.S.A, Russia & European Union

Objective of the study:

While technological development in the Indian Space research program has overcome almost all frontiers of science, the output of the program is need to be documented in a large scale study. It has been recognized internationally that the contribution of the Indian space research program is benefitting the socio economic development of the South-East Asian region.

The objective of the project is to compare the research output of the Indian Space Research program with the output from the leading space research countries in world namely USA, Russia, European Union on

Socio economic development

Agriculture, Forestry, Coastal zone management

Ground water exploration

Mineral exploration

Urban Planning

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