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The Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM) has launched a unique skill training programme by the name of "Kushal Yuva Program" which would enhance the Soft Skills of all aspirants in the age group of 15-25 years who have passed 10th Class irrespective of their having attained higher education or their currently pursuing higher education. Soft Skills training would comprise of Life skills, Communications Skills (English & Hindi) and Basic computer literacy which in turn would enhance their employability and act as a value add to the various domain specific training endeavours currently being implemented in Bihar.

Salient features of Soft Skills Training programme

The course curriculum for Kushal Yuva Program would include three components: Life skills, Communications Skills (English & Hindi) and Basic computer literacy. The course duration covering all the three components would be 240 hours (Life Skills for 40 hours, Communication Skills for 80 hours and Basic computer literacy component would be covered in approx. 120 hours).

E-Learning mode shall be used for training delivery.

Assessment (post self-learning and mock tests) of Trainers (Oncet) followed by certification will be carried out to get quality trainers and maintain uniformity across centres. It would be prime responsibility of the Skill Development Centre (SDC) to ensure that each trainer deployed by it undergoes the Oncet test and the cost for same shall be borne by the respective SDC operator. Only the certified trainers passing the assessment will be eligible for imparting training.

Sequential mode of learning prohibiting any skipping of sessions.

Central monitoring of step by step progress of each candidate through the web portal.

Inbuilt / Integrated online Assessment & Certification process.

Course Eligibility

Taking into consideration the huge Demand from Candidates for Kushal Yuva Program, BSDM has released the updated Eligibility criteria for the KYP Courses: All Candidates belonging to the age group of 15-25 years, who have minimum qualification as SSC (10th) pass; irrespective of the fact that the candidate is pursuing /completed any Higher Education Course/Degree will be eligible to undertake training under Kushal Yuva Program"

Course Fees

Security Deposit Re-imbursement

The refundable security deposit will be returned to the candidates who successfully complete the KYP training i.e. are certified (passed) for the training undertaken.

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